Every industry has a phrase or phrases that should signal red flags, when spoken by seemingly trained professionals, like a doctor saying “oops” during an operation or a cook saying “the heat will kill it”.  For video production, the phrase is “we’ll fix it in post” (meaning post-production or more importantly after it’s too late to fix the problem we should have fixed before leaving the set).  This is a phrase that haunts many productions and can oftentimes be a sign of poor planning or execution on behalf of the production team.

I’ll be the first to admit there are times when things go haywire and mistakes happen. No production is perfect, but the idea is: good in/good out and if you settle for subpar footage with the intent of fixing it after the fact, you’re tarnishing the quality of your finished project and reputation of your brand.

Post-production should not have to be a conjuring of magic to create your finished video.  If planned well and executed well, it can be as easy as making a paper airplane.  The reality is not only will doing it right the first time save you time in the editing room, it is also the mark of a master craftsman.

Clients like to know that the person or company handling their production are true professionals and nothing sets you apart from the pack like following basic production rules.   So before you hit record, if the lights seem low or the audio seems bad, call cut and fix it.  You will be making a world of difference for  your team when comes time to edit the project.