We meet a lot of people in our business. People come in for branding services, video marketing services, marketing collateral, and one of our favorites, consultations! We love sitting with clients, prospective or otherwise, to discuss defining their target market[s]. We enjoy perfecting video storyboards to ensure businesses are screaming out “Look at me!” But above all else, we love the intentions that different business owners have when they walk through our doors.

Webster’s dictionary defines “intent” as the state of a person’s mind that directs his or her actions toward a specific goal – deliberately and with purpose – and that’s exactly what we love to see in our clients. They have a level of confidence that says “I know what solutions I bring to the world, I’ve laid out my path, but I just need you to help me set up road signs to allow others to find me.” We read a quote on John C. Maxwell’s Facebook page a week ago that said, “Everybody has a purpose. Your purpose, your why is the life’s blood of intentional living,” and it’s from this vein that this blog was created. Are you inspired to live intentionally? As a business individual/entity you should be.

No matter what market you are in, it is important for you to be intentional, with your planning, with your execution of those plans, and with the people you connect with; trust us, we’ve been witnesses to this fact, we’ve seen it in the lives of our clients – Once you sow intentionality into your business and make it a point of focus, you can’t reap anything but the results of focused planning. This TedX video really sums it up.
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